i want an anonymous blog.  where no one knows its me.  just a girl writing about her life.

what can i say?  it’s valentines day and i’ve been home alone almost all day.

i had a guy over last night.  we are super cool and friends.  we play.  i’m more than he’s used to but we’ve discussed it.  he keeps saying he’s going to work on being more and exploring more sexually.  he’s done good lately…he’s been inflicting nipple pain.

so we spent all week talking about last night.  he wanted slow sex and while it’s not my thing, it’s not always about me.  so we are in bed, kissing, and he tells me, if i cum fast i’m not done.  but guess what?  he came fast and was done.  missionary style.  no kink.  no nipple pain.  no choking.  no hair pulling.  i love sucking cock and i didn’t even get to do that.  so much for that amazing dick i was getting.  so much for that amazing everything.  total letdown….so here i am.  frustrated and sexually let down on valentine’s day.